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transmissionTransmission and distribution lines are critical in the transmission and delivery of electricity.  Transmission power lines connect electric power generating facilities to electric power distributors who transports electricity to local electric companies.  Once electricity is produced, it is transmitted by using heavy cables that are safely attached to tall towers, to its point of use.  Distribution lines consisting of smaller cables attached to smaller towers or poles, are then used for the delivery of electricity to homes and businesses.   Because electricity cannot be cannot be stored and must be generated as needed, transmission and distribution lines must be well designed, constructed and maintened to ensure safe reliable power.

SMS Energy Group offers construction and maintenance services for transmission and distribution lines, including underground.  Our expertise is transmission and distribution lines that directly terminate into, or directly originate out of, electrical substations.  For other transmission and distribution line applications, we have relationships with some of the best contractors and engineering firms in the industry.  We are able to leverage those relationships to provide even more transmissions and distribution lines construction and maintenance services over a wider range of requirements.  Utilizing proven construction and project management processes and techniques, we are able to successfully and safely manage our client’s projects.

Our Transmission and Distribution Services Include:

  • Substation Tie-in’s
  • Overhead Distribution Systems for New Subdivisions
  • Underground Distribution Systems for New Subdivisions
  • Wood Pole Installation
  • Steel Pole Installation
  • Concrete Installation
  • H-Frame Structures Installation
  • Lattice Tower Installation
  • Road Widening Projects for Distribution Lines
  • Reconductor Work
  • Rebuilds
  • Pole Change Outs
  • Street Lighting
  • Asset Management
  • Pole Inspection
  • Rigging and Hauling
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Project Management
  • Supplemental Labor
  • Storm Restoration
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