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SMS Energy Group recognizes the importance and value of renewable energy sources and their benefit on lowering the carbon foot-print, energy security, and creating local jobs while contributing to a more sustainable environment.  Although electricity is a clean and relatively safe form of energy to use, there are environmental impacts associated with the production and transmission of electricity.  Here in the United States, we rely heavily on coal, oil, and natural gas resources for the production of electricity. Nearly all types of electric power plants have some negative impacts or effects on the environment, some more than others.  At the same time, as the demand for fossil fuels increases, their supply decreases given their limited supply.  In contrast, renewable energy resources such as wind and solar are constant replenished and will never run out.  A clean source of energy, renewable energy is currently being used to generate electricity, heat and light homes and other facilities, and for hot water heating in a variety of applications. 

Since 2008, SMS Energy Group has been installing solar panel projects for clients in the renewable energy market.  We have the expertise required to construct and maintain renewable projects.  So, whether your project requires complete EPC, or individual construction and installation services, SMS Energy Group
has the know-how to ensure customer satisfaction, and that project requirements are met. 

Our Renewable Services Include:

  • System Installation
  • Electrical Interconnect

  • Frame Installation
  • Site Preparation
  • System Maintenance
  • Substation Construction
  • Switchyard Installation
  • Project Management
  • Supplemental Labor







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