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Services > Power Generation & Industrial

powerPower generation is where the production of electricity begins, long before it is transmitted to homes and businesses, to power our every day lives.  These facilities contain some have the most complex and sophisticated production processes, machinery, and equipment in industry.  SMS Energy Group offers a full line of electrical construction and maintenance related services designed to help keep our client’s facilities up and running.  Because electrical energy cannot be stored, power generation facilities must operate upon demand, and must be available at all times to do so, while safely and reliably producing electricity.  Similarly, so must industrial facilities.  They both share the common requirement of needing to operate upon demand, power generating facilities to produce electricity, and industrial facilities to produce products and goods.  Both utility companies and industrial companies have gone to great length to ensure that the machinery and equipment in their facilities are well designed, installed, and maintained for safe reliable production of the products they each produce.

Here at SMS Energy Group, we have an experienced well-trained staff that is capable of handling your electrical projects, and in the most timely and efficient way possible.  Our expertise includes installing and maintaining equipment, machinery, and processes.    We understand that having your equipment and processes available to you when you need them is paramount to your success.

Our Power Generation and Industrial Services Include:

  • Switchyard Installation, New Construction

  • Switchyard Maintenance, Upfits and Rebuilds
  • Switchgear Installation
  • Relay Panels Installation
  • Metering and Instrumentation Installation
  • Metering and Instrumentation Upfits and Upgrades
  • Process Control System Design and Implementation
  • Circuits and Control Panels
    • Drop In Control Houses
  • IAC/TC/Conduit & Wire
  • Power and Control Cable Installations
  • Fiber Optics
  • Equipment & Apparatus Installation
  • Facility Distribution Circuits
  • Equipment Distribution Circuits
  • UPS Systems Installation
  • UPS Systems Maintenance
  • ISO-Phase BUS Installation and Inspection
  • Planned Outages Support
    • Maintenance Support
    • Supplemental Labor
    • Project Management
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs


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